An Official Communication from The National President of the VMCC Regarding the Forthcoming AGM

An Official Communication from our National President :

Dear Members,

I am contacting you all as I am very concerned about the Future of our Club, I feel we are at a very important cross road, being motorcyclists we know how very dangerous cross roads can be ,so we need to consider the future carefully before making a move.

My concerns are as follows

1) Losses accrued during the management of the present Board of Directors are in the region of £500,000.00.There are reasons for this and excuses have been made ,but its down to poor management caused by a lack experience managing a Motorcycle Club.
The capital underpinning club has been severely reduced and if further reduced the club will be in a critical position. The capital that supports the Club has been built up by generous donations from members over the last Seventy Five years. We were trusted by these members to look after the club for future generations.

2) Recent promotional activities and modernization of display equipment to lift the image of the club and recruit has had a limited success but at great cost. ie The budget for attending Shows etc is £20,000.00,recruitment by this method in 2022 resulted in approx 50 new members. We all know that the vast amount of new members are achieved by word of mouth. The Directors being Sales and Marketing thought otherwise and spent huge sums.

3) The present Management has a policy of suppressing free speech ,ie The Forum and Facebook boasting that they now have charge of the “Radio Station” as dictators used boast on TV.
We all have ideas and moan, that’s part of being in a Club, socializing is very important, especially at sections. Being President I have experienced this being belittled, not invited to any Board Meetings or Events.
The Board are not happy that I managed to keep the Presidents position independent and not controlled by the Chairman
All we receive is a biased view form the Board Room.

I could go on and on ,but the point is we need to change from a dictatorship to a members run club , get out together riding our bikes, socializing knowing the club is in good hands.
There is a lot of experience and skill available in the Club to draw on. There is a management team drawn from our members ready and willing to take the club forward.

No doubt that the Club needs to modernize, Communications ,Retail, Library and Allen House ,but that is for the future.
For now the prime requirement is to steady the ship as they say.



John Holt



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