Email received from Richard Williams – Area Rep

Section concern

For most members the monthly journal or magazine is our only source of information about club direction,with progress apparently looking very good. However the magazine does not give the whole picture particularly the dire financial situation we are facing with heavy losses for the third consecutive year.

As an Area Rep for nearly four years and along with the other elected reps we have repeatedly tried to engage with the Directors in open debate with Section concerns. As a group we have never been made welcome and we seem to be regarded as an irritant.

Currently the Area Reps have the option subject to a majority vote to insist on a meeting with the Directors to discuss serious concerns. Should agreement not be reached the Area Reps have the option to call for an EGM.

At the forthcoming AGM and elections you will be asked to vote to remove this option from the Area Reps.

If this vote is carried then it begs the question,”should Sections stay in the VMCC?”.

Sections as we know are the beating heart of the club, full of dedicated volunteers who deserve sound representation.

Sections thrive on open debate and transparency and as far as I know do not lose money.

Please look at items 11 and 12 on the voting form which I will be voting against. I would ask you to do the same and Vote Against. First and foremost this is a club which must be run by the members for the members. This is your club so ask for more detailed discussion rather than accept an autocratic edict from the Board.


Richard Williams.


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