Stay in Wessex and Ride with Us

Tired of the same old routes and countryside, heavy traffic on your local roads or just a lack of local runs suitable for your Veteran and Vintage machines ?

Fancy a change of scenery, new experiences and looking to explore beautiful countryside and unspoilt landscapes brimming with historical sites to explore as well ? 

Then come and join us for one or more of our runs in Wessex during the year. We have an abundance of highly rated campsites and small hotels and more within our area if you are looking for accommodation.

We can promise you a friendly welcome,  some of the UK’s most unspoilt landscapes and stunning scenery, lightly trafficked roads and pubs serving delicious local dishes and great hospitality.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to come and visit our area and come on a run with us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Below are some ideas for places to stay in and other activities in our area which you may find of interest when looking for accommodation to book :